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cannot win in this economy, then the tipping point has been reached. >> reporter: on the president's "to do" list, economic growth and jobs. immigration reform. and the top priority, those tax cuts set to expire come midnight new year's eve. but whatever difficulties might lie ahead, the president seized his moment early this morning, staking his claim in history with a nod of the lofty rhetoric of his convention speech eight years ago. and his hopes for what might be. >> i believe we can seize this future together, because we are not as divided as our politics suggest. and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. we are and forever will be the united states of america. >> reporter: and in that vein, diane, president obama reached out to the house and senate republican leadership, they also pledged to work together to solve this nation's problems. of course, the challenge is turning that rhetoric into reality. diane? >> and we have more on that in a moment. thank you so much, jake. >>> but what about governor romney? after so many years, such a long campaign. what
. what's choking our economy and what's choking the economy of greece, and this is why i figured to it the way that i did, even though it was a figure of speech, entitlements are choking us and we've got to make the real reforms to make sure that we do it right. we protect these programs and thirdly, speaker boehner said it very well, i thought he showed great leadership that revenues need to be on the table. again, though, we need to do it in the right way. bowles/simpson said reduce the reductions where you can, lower tax rates by doing that. and i think, at the end of the day, what's going to happen, george, we got to get this economy going again. we have had an outside group ernest and young look at raising of taxes on the highest income earners. what a they concluded was, we would immediately lose 700,000 jobs in america. is that the kind of economy that this president wants to start out with in his second term? i don't think so. president obama said two years ago, now is not the time with a sluggish economy to raise taxes. we need to consider the fact that folks who started
the economy is bumming -- coming back ask can support a new, huge mall. take a look at the line in starbucks. one hour before malls opened. >> you've got a brand new store in the bay area, we flif tracey and don't have things close by. we've been waiting for this mall to open up. >> it's predictions are that traffic will be clogged throughout the grand opening weekend. executives made plans to try and accommodate the crowds. >> we keep this thing flowing as best we can and allow it to minimize the affect. >> the mall has 130 stores and restaurants, big brand names you're likely familiar with. we did find one business among all of the big names. the owner of the company is excited and nervous about the number of shoppers here in the big league. >> we're going to do the best we can and it's going to be a learning exkbreerns for us. >> deals here are good. i've seen 50 and 60% off. one insider tells me some stores will probably take a loss to get attention and excitement here in this mall. j!q"p)e are serious shoppers here. amy hollyfield abc 7 news. >> be honest. would you rather be at the mal
.s. economy. >> and the g.o.p. offers an olive branch. the president hoping to >> the second honeymoon is over for president ob yaum yachl the fish credit rating agency warned of a down grade today. the worst one day loss in almost a year, so what do the next four years hold in store for the economy? >> by somest meats, 6s billion was spent on the presidential campaign. now will there be a shot in the arm for the economy?yp" >> the economy is just limping along. there are same leaders at the white house]y:eu, where s the change? >> the big selloff seemed to send a message. ash wagner owns a small business in campbell. >> i know several friends started selling stock this morning. >> what did that tell you?. >> that people are not excited about the future of our economy. >> wagner's company has 14 employees. he hopes to expand next year. he doesn't want to bring new later. means less money left tom"c build more jobs. >> the ceo of a software company is hoping the divide in congress can be bridged. >> this is an opportunity to bring that bipartisan nature in front of us here to deliver on promi
the -- lift the economy. it's the first outlet mall to open in californiag, in more than 10 years. be patient. >> yes. that is remarkable. >> san francisco authorities are promising to go after anyone they can find who is part of world series celebrations that got out of control. to that end the second person arrested for vandalizing a muni bus appeared in court. tonight, the story, he's a teenager. >> yes. he's just 19 years old. he remains in custody tonight with bail set at $40,000. today, through his attorney, he pleaded not guilty.[[y nicholas hudson did not speak today. >> what is alleged with respect to mr. hudson's specifically? >> the 19-year-old faces two charges. vandalism, tampering with a transportation vehicle. a muni bus, police say during celebrations, several vandals smashed, trashed and set this bus on fire at market and third. today, the assistant da calls this conduct disgusting.óñañ she said hudson is a known member of a gang, on a probation hold in san mateo county. the teenager's attorney says she just got the case ask could not comment. ng to police the public throu
as it's advancing the cause of strengthening the middle class and improving the economy. i have good relationships with folks in the house and senate. i have a lot of relationships on both sides of the aisle. it hasn't always manifested itself in the kind of agreements i would like to see between democrats and republicans. and so, think all of us have opponen responsibility of things to see if we can improve on. i need to see if i can improve our working relationship. probably some very sharp differences still. and as i said in the campaign, there will be times where there are fights. think those are fights that need to be had. but, what i think the american people don't want to see is a focus on the next election instead of a focus on them. and, i don't have another election. and you know, michelle and i were talking last night about, you know, what an incredible honor and privilege it is to -- to be put in this position. and there are people all across the country, millions of folks who have worked so hard to help us get elected. but there are also millions of people that may not h
and hopes house republicans hold their ground. >> student compromise is driving the economy down. and they need to work on government reform at all levels. >> time for the guys to reach a compromise here, if congress fails to reach an agreement soon, a tax hike and drastic spending hikes will take affect on january 1. leaders of both parties reaching out on capitol hill. we'll have that development in the second half hour. >> stocks suffered their worst one day loss of the year. the dow dropped and investors looking past the election and focusing on big problems ahead in europe and potentially in washington. cory johnson will join with us a parkt recap in about 10 minutes.. >> now, to the elections over. has outlook changed in silicon valley? >> abc 7 news david louie checks on the pulse of the local economy. >> happening now, i'm david louie. the electric was yesterday, but today a kind of referendum held on wall street. investors selling off in such a way it could impact everything from solar energy companies to cloud-based companies. ash wagner has a small solar company with s
will speak from the white house today about his game plan to grow the economy as well as cut the deficit. and republicans say they are ready to make it happen. abc's tahman bradley is in washington this morning. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, paula and rob. shortly after he was re-electioned, president obama called congressional leaders to discuss the so-called fiscal cliff. it's a major problem. it has to be solved by the end of the year. republicans and democrats have signaled they're ready to talk. but there's a major hurdle. a showdown's looming in washington, even as democrats and republicans strike a conciliatory tone post-election, both sides are set to collide over taxes. >> raising tax rates is unacceptable. and, frankly, it couldn't even pass the house. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with abc news, house speaker john boehner drew a hard line on raising taxes. but opened the door of raising more revenue as part of a deficit reduction deal. >> i would do that if the president were serious about solving our spending problem and trying to secure our entitl
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-called fiscal cliff we've been hearing about. that could plunge the economy back into resection. the president will be asking congressional republicans and democrats to work together to tackle the fiscal problems. he will be speaking from the white house 10:00 our time and you want to stay with abc7 morning news at 6:15 we go live to washington, d.c. for a preview of today's remarks. >>> traffic and weather together, next. here's a live look outside, golden gate bridge, looks like there might be a little mist nothing like the storms we had overnight. meteorologist mike nicco will tell you where those storms are going using live doppler hd. >>> also ahead, alaska airlines debuts a new fleet of aircraft. [ unintelligible ] >>> welcome back. one shower moving through the heart of san jose heading towards lincoln and almaden sliding to the south and east you can see it is going to head down 101 possibly to morgan hill as it heads into the higher country it is going to produce snow we talked about hail possible this was from hayward last night at about 1:50 in the morning this is from castro valley
in santa clara today. technology is a key driver of the south korean economy. making up 40% of the trade w out the components, americans might not have smart phones or tv monitors. >> this is under celebrated fact that the technology purr vais homes of most americans.. >> the agreement is paving the way for more investmentvc'e÷ and partnerships between silicon valley and core rea. 500 companies are showing off their latest technologies, at a two-day conference. nancy developed in a -- california tech firms see koreas as a partner. joaquin sold his company for the energy industry. >> korea is a great launch pad. very innovative. a great track record, u.s. companies are teeming with large companies like lg, samsung to be the launching pad to be a spring board for the world. >> samsung is a electronics giant but has been engaged in a legal battle with apple over patents. the deputy minister for the knowledge economy is reluctant to answer questions whether the legal dispute will hurt efforts. >> to they can bring more. >> the interpretor says korea has goals. >> we want to promote more vigor
prescription, given where our economy is. >> reporter: but raising taxes on the wealthy was a central issue of president obama's campaign. he talked about it in every, single campaign speech. >> the wealthiest americans got tax cuts. tax cuts. tax cuts. tax cuts. try a tax cut. another $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy. that's not changed. >> reporter: in her exclusive interview thursday, diane sawyer pressed the speaker on that. >> he campaigned on it. 60% of the voters have said that they are ready to raise these taxes. they are ready to have the wealthier americans pitch in here. >> i made clear yesterday that raising tax rates is unacceptable. >> reporter: the looming fiscal crisis has already affected financial markets, helping drive the dow below 13,000 for the first time since september. if a deal is not struck, virtually every american taxpayer will see a substantial increase in their taxes starting january 1st. but during the last debt negotiations, speaker boehner's hands were tied mostly because tea party conservatives opposed compromise. here's what he told george back
is the wrong prescription, given where our economy is. >> reporter: is it on the table to talk about? wealthier americans pitch in here. >> i made clear yesterday that raising tax rates is unacceptable and it couldn't even pass the house. putting increased revenues on the table, but through reforming our tax code. and i would do that, if the president were serious about solving our spending problem. and trying to secure our entitlement programs. the president and i have had various conversations. i'm confident that he and i can find the common ground necessary. >> reporter: so, you will talk about it, even if you believe it's the wrong approach, you'll talk about it. >> of course we'll talk about it. we talk about all kinds of things we may disagree on. i'm the most reasonable, responsible person here in washington. the president knows me. he knows that he and i can work together. the election's over. now it's time to get to work. >> reporter: and the speaker seemed confident that after this election, tea party members will be supportive of getting work done. so, i asked, will he still repeal o
the white house today. the president issued a challenge to republicans to end the gridlock over the economy and saying, he thinks voters sent a message, loud and clear. >> reporter: in his first official appearance since re-election, the president signaled to republicans that he is primed for battle. >> i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >> reporter: unless he and congress come to a deal, the fragile u.s. economy is headed towards something called the fiscal cliff, on january 1st. $6 trillion in tax increases that will hit all working americans and $1.2 trillion in spending cuts, leading to what experts predict will be another recession. the biggest sticking point is whether the bush tax cuts for those who make more than $200,000 a year should expire. the president says they should, it's a case he made over and over on the campaign trail. >> tax cuts. tax cuts. tax cuts. try a tax cut. >> reporter: but yesterday, republican house speaker john boehner told diane sawyer that was a nonstarter. >> is it on the table to talk about? >> i made clear -- >> the wealthier americans
the economy is off and running. we're just one piece of legislation from a much stronger economy. >> getting that one piece of legislation may prove difficult. the president says voters picked his path but the house speaker points out that they returned a republican house. david curly, abc news, white house. >>> an official accusation and abuse of power by a hercules councilman. councilwoman is in hot water with fellow council members for silence ago resident over blog posts she believed was critical of her. they accuse her of interfering with a premeditated and conspiring manner, end quote. >>> new this morning, the financial benefits the golden state warriors would bring to san francisco are estimating $54 million and that is just for starters. warriors plan to build a 17,000 arena at pier 32. a new study projects $54 million in one time revenue and $19 million each year after that. the estimate assumes they would hold events outside of basketball season. >> only on abc7 news we have learned the back story to a dangerous situation that happened on the peninsula. a hotel had to be evacuated
with the furnace. no one was inside that have home at the time of the blast. >> as u.s. economy continues to work its way on a come back here, silicon valley is turning to south korea for help, south korea is seeking u.s. partners. david louie is live in santa clara. >> a lot of silicon valley companies like to arefer to south korea as a vision of the future where virtually every one has access to broad band connections and 90% of the people using publication transit pay fares dus using smart phones or smart cards. >> technology is a key driver of the south korean economy, making up 40% of the trade. without components it makes americans might not have smart phones. >>bb3y it's an under celebrated fact that korean technology surveys hopes and pockets of most americans. >> the freed trade zbreemt paving the way for more investment and partnerships between silicon valley and korea. 500 companies are showing off their latest technologies at a two-day confer yens in santa clairea. all the fun california tech firms see korea as a partner that can help them develop their technology. the company makes
into stores now. they're stocking shelfs and say retail is a good indication of an economy. if this is the case then this is all positive. no one said lowering it could be easy. it's hard work. >> in 2010 i was a labor on a construction site. i'm used to digging ditches. this is nice. >> so today they helped open an aces outlet. one of 130 new stores debutting tomorrow with the new paradgs gon mall. figure 2000 jobs because of it and four years ago we saw revenues drop to%. we took a $16 million hit from $85 million to $70 million. so that is a drop. >> this was a differents a couple months can make. nouf standing in lines has begun to pay off. >> when? expecting not much. >> it's discouraging. it's depressing. >> yes. there is a job with a small operator out of work more than two months. this that worry is gone. >> i can see this mall going up with these amazing stores and that is to me, a sign of hope. >> and just in time. whether a judge student or a money hoping to keep her life up. >> i've got a 21-year-old boy in college. mama needs to make her mortgage. >> livermore'
in china. it has more cash on hand than many country's entire economies. and it's been written off prematurely before. time to sell or time to buy? there's probably an app for that. i'm neal karlinsky for "nightline" in seattle. >> you know they got something cool cooking. thanks to neal and thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at abcnews.com. and we'll be here tomorrow night. i hope you'll join us then. have a good night.
of the paragon outlet mall in livermore is more concrete evidence that the economy is coming back and can support a huge mall. look at the line at starbucks one hour before the mall opened with >> brand new outlet store in the bay area we live in tracy we don't have many things close by. we have been waiting and anticipating for in mall to open. >> reporter: predictions are traffic on the 580 will be clogged throughout the grand opening weekend. mall executives have made plans to try and accommodate the crowd. >> we've created auxillary parking lots. we know there's a lot of excitement, we want to minimize the impact on 580. >> reporter: the mall has 130 stores and restaurants, all big brands, we did find one family owned walnut creek business among all these big names. the owner is excited and a little nervous about the number of shoppers here in the big leagues. >> they tell me 140,000, i have no concept what that is. we are going to do the best we can and it is going to be a learning experience for us. >> reporter: i kept you in mind, the deals are good i've seen 50%, 60% off of already low pr
economy. it's a perplexing time for many of us right now. >> reporter: in high-profile races from the top on down, it was a night of republican concession speeches. >> i pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. >> she won it fair and square, folks. >> things don't always turn out the way you think they're going to. >> reporter: now, the question is, how to bring the party back from political exile. in five out of the last six presidential races, republicans lost the popular vote. the defeat was especially crushing among the largest voting group, women. as well as the fastest-growing voting group, hispanics. >> i think republicans have done a pathetic job of reaching out to people of color. >> reporter: what could be the opening salvo of the 2016 republican primary. some in the party are lashing out at new jersey governor chris christie, for giving the president a boost for his handling of hurricane sandy. christie insists that's nonsense. that he worked harder, with the possible exception of paul ryan, to try to get mitt romney elected. george? >> thanks, jon. >>>
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comments today about actions needed to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff that could plunge the economy back into resection. the president will ask republicans and democrats to work together. he will speak from the white house at 10:00 this morning, our time, about tax increases and spending cuts that will come automatically if congress doesn't act before january 1st. more coming up in the next half hour. >>> new report shows bay area job market should expand more quickly. the bay area -- job totals should expand by 7.2% overall. professional and business services will grow the most quickly over two years. education and health care are expected to grow by 10%, leisure and hospitality will expand by 9%. the only bay area job losses are expected to come from government agencies. >>> moraga school board president has abruptly resigned hours after winning reelection tuesday. the district superintendent e-mailed parents last night about the resignation, effectively immediately. the school district has been receiving criticism over its handling of a sex abuse lawsuit. kristen cunnane is suing for
price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. >>> these days, it seems barely a month goes by without news of an animal encounter gone horribly wrong. it's fair to say a vacation spent coe diing up to a pack of african white lions takes a certain kind of tourist. and for those not to content to gaez from a safe distance, here's abc's jeffrey kofman for "into the wild." >> reporter: those are powerful cats. look at the size of their paws. these lions could do serious damage out leer in the south african bush. keep your distance. wait a minute. what is that tourist doing? >> i'm just holding the lion's tail as he goes for a walk. >> reporter: what is it like walking a lion? >> it's amazing. >> reporter: nervous? >> not at all. >> reporter: do not try this at home. don't try this at your local zoo, in fa
: the congressional budget office says the economy will fall into a recession and analysts predict the unemployment rate will climb back up to 9% and there could be a delay in people receiving income tax returns. major consequences. >> nobody wants that. thank you. >>> while we are talking percentages time to turnover to mike and talk about what the chances are for showers or wet roads. >> heard it, the heavy rain, the thunder that accompanied the lightning. >>> couple bolts of lightning overnight especially concord and san francisco, causing the power outage there is, we had small hail fall through our thunderstorms as we talked about and there is still another chance of that best chance morgan hill and san martin southern sections of santa clara valley sliding south, gilroy get ready it is go to get wet in your neighborhoods. higher elevations under the radar and satellite, you can see it is getting color coded that means starting to mix some of the snow into our highest elevations like mount hamilton getting snow now quickly fading but it definitely left a dusting. can't wait to see daytime shot
the economy expire. president obama is asking the wealthiest americans to pay more in taxes to help cut the taxes. republicans say raising taxes on business owners would only eliminate more jobs. >> what has been the missing ingredient in congress to date has been the revenue. and to make sure that it is fairly distributed and the wealthy pay their fair share. that is what we face right now. if our republican counter parts can step forward with that revenue piece, we will be able to find a solution. >> president obama said two years ago now is not the time with a sluggish economy to raise taxes. we need to consider the fact that the folks he is talking about raising taxes on are the job creators, the small business community. >> doing nothing means the tax cuts would expire for everyone and the typical american family would pay about $2,000 more in taxes next year. >>> we are learning new details this morning about the shocking scandal that has force the the head of the cia to resign. >> it was affair between petraeus and his biographerrer, paula broadwell. she had extraordinary access
over budget cuts and word that europe's strongest economy germany is in trouble. but quickly investors turned back to our looming problem, the road we are on to the so-called fiscal cliff at the end of the year. $650 billion of combined spending cuts and tax cuts expiring automatically. wall street selloff led to a loss of $300 billion in market value wednesday alone. however, just after close of trading wednesday, greece did pass its austerity measures so markets should be tempered a bit. when it comes to the future we can't expect uncertainty as the fiscal cliff looms ahead. bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. >> thank you, bianna. >>> coming up, advice on sorting out some of the hottest new options in tablets and touchscreen computers. >> would you believe tab tops, laplets, yeah, you heard us right. coming up next. >> announcer: "world news now" >>> and welcome back to "world news now." we are pleased to have with us abc news technique editor joanna stern. joanna will tell us about five crazy computers that run microsoft's new windows 8. they're crazy in a great way. >> they're c
'll make a statement from the white house about his plan to spur the economy and reduce the nation's deficit. meanwhile house speaker john boehner has already signaling his willingness to hammer out a budget deal in an exclusive interview with abc's diane sayer, boehner made it clear that he's not open to raising taxes, but he did express confidence he and the president could find some common ground. >>> sources tell abc news that talks are under way for a possible plea deal for congressman jesse jackson jr. the illinois democrat is currently being treated at the mayo clinic for bipolar disorder. the fbi is investigating jackson for improperly using campaign funds for personal purchases, potentially furniture at his home, but he coasted to victory tuesday, retaining his congressional seat, despite virtually no presence on the campaign trail. the only involvement, a robo call. had. voted since june 8. and missed every one of the 225 votes since. that goes to show his strong contingency there. >> absolutely. >>> a look at your friday forecast, a big storm in the rockies with blizzard
nail this down, reasonably so, i think the economy's off and running. so, we're just one piece of legislation away from a much stronger economy. >> reporter: but getting that one piece of legislation may prove very difficult. the president said the voters picked his path. and the house speaker, rightly points out that americans did return the republican house. divided government. the question, bianna, can they unite to avoid this fiscal cliff? >> that is the big question. david, thank you. >>> and now, to the very angry and frustrated victims of hurricane sandy. hundreds of thousands still without power and demanding answers, some 12 days after the devastating storm hit. as the long lines show, getting gas is still a big problem around parts of new york, as well. but what's not a problem is getting a special delivery in the mail, power bills. abc's john schriffen has the latest from hicksville, long island. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is day two of the gas restrictions in new york city and here on long island. to give you an idea how fast this gas is going, just
several high end stores. economy complete it will have 120 stores employee 2,000 and deliver two million dollars in tax revenue to the city. >> number three, protesters planning to demonstrate at grand opening of a chick-fil-a in walnut creek in two hours, protesting the company's donations to anti-gay organizations and for the public anti-gay stance the founder took this sumner. >> number four, in arizona sentencing scheduled today for jared loughner the man behind the shooting rampage that left six dead and wounded former woman gabrielle giffords and 12 others. she and her husband are tentatively scheduled to be in court for that hearing. >> number five, if you are heading out have an umbrella, new storm headed our way, first rain expected after the morning commute the bulk hitting most of the bay area by -- we'll let mike tell you about that. >>> it is quiet as far as radar returns go here but it is breezy and chilly this morning so be prepared for that, have your wet weather gear handy by 9:00, the rain is going to move in to the north bay showers by noon going to move into the heart
as theomq economy improves hunger in the heart of silicon valley. >> you've heard of overloading your washing machine. what about under loading? ahead on 7 on your side a machine won't do small loads. >> remember the yacht that >>> taxes and spending connecticut at the first of the year. today the president is campaigning for what he hopes will be a grand bargain for republicans in congress. >> president obama learning from his mistake, isn't asking the nation to weigh in this time around. speaking from the east room, the president's message was simple. >> we can't just cut our way across f we're serious about reducing the deficit we have to combine spending cuts with revenue. that means asking the wealthyest americans to pay a little more in taxes. >> president obama made that argument a central theme of his campaign. now, he says it's up to congress to follow the will of the majority. at lefty odoule's locals and tourists watched then agreed tax cuts for people making more than $250,000 ought to expire. >> i've been a supporter of it. >> i think we all have to sacrifice. >> i'm will
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with business leaders about the nation's economy. the federal budget deficit last month was $120 billion, 22% more than a year ago. it's a sign the country is on track for its fifth-straight annual deficit of more than $1 trillion. the u.s. has not had a surplus since 2001. >>> u.s. airways is reportedly pushing for a merger with american airlines. sources tell bloomberg news, the smaller airline presented a detailed plan to american's creditors yesterday. american would rather exit bankruptcy as an independent carrier and will make its case to its creditors today. >>> well, black friday, the day after thanksgiving, is traditionally the kickoff for the holiday shopping season. but it may not be the best day to go shopping. the least crowded days to shop are the monday, tuesday, and wednesday, as well as thursday after thanksgiving. so, we're talking in two weeks. the latest of the light days of the stores is december 11th. after that, you'll be fighting the crowds and hunting for a parking space. or you can shop online like rob does. >> that's right. forget all that stress. >>> there's new e
. >> economy is picking up whit cups to holiday hiring. a survey shows 48% of retail man fwerz plan to hire more seasonal workers than last year. companies up like this job fair sponsor bid abc. employers from snappel to management services were there, advertising jobs. >> it's been increased amount of activities. it's the holiday season.ab1t and affects retail business. >> we're wrapping up to recruit more folks. there is going to be an increase in jobs. >> the fares are a good opportunity to have an expert critiquer1fyñ and refine resume. for more information you can go to our web site. >> we're enjoying warmth before the storm. >> spencer is here. >> how many days do we have? >> well... one? >> yes. yes. >> that would be not much. >> it's not going to get nasty. rain arrives early friday. and lovely conditions and mainly blue skies and broken high cloud or areas around. clear skies that is also evident looking at live doppler 7 hd. those are clouds off shore. that is a lot to change during overnight hours into tomorrow. clouds increasing tomorrow, chance of showers tomorrow night or per
.s. economy back into recession. katie marzullo live in the newsroom in is going to take compromise. >> reporter: -- skeptical they are going to do it, lawmakers have not found much common ground over the past four years washington remains almost unchanged after the election. president obama has already talked with the top four leaders in the house and senate on the phone from chicago before returning to the white house last night that includes house speaker ran john boehner. he says his party is willing to consider tax increases only under the right circumstances which include fewer tax loopholes and simpler, fairer tax code. right now all sides are laying out opening arguments for negotiations that are to come. they need to avoid severe and automatic government spending cuts and tax hikes that will take place january 1st. those cuts and hikes total 800 billion dollars. in the bay area there's hope president obama's reelection will bring amick boost especially in the silicon valley. with health care behind him the tech industry feels the president can turn his attention to jobs, ho
of the strongest economies in the country. but when california voters this week passed proposition 30, that's when phoenix business leaders decided, now is a great time to start searching for ceos to steal away. >> on election night, governor jerry brun celebrated the passage of proposition 30. 54% of voters decided to raise income taxes on the state's top earners and agreed to a hike in sales tax. >> we think the recent tax package that was passed that really targets what we call high performers or producers from an economic perspective, is going to start to dislodge the serial ceo management talent in places like silicon valley. >> in a bid turn that into an opportunity, the greater phoenix economic council launched a new program aimed at luring california companies away. >> we think this is going to happen. we know virginia, north carolina, texas, south carolina, are going to be in the market. talking to california businesses. we want to present an opportunity for phoenix. >> under the cal program. the phoenix group hopes to fly in 50 ceos, they're interested in leader with employees of 200 or
as a whole has been having a very good year. in fact one of the strongest economies in the country. but when california voters this week passed proposition 30, that's when phoenix business leaders decided, now is a great time to start searching for ceos to steal away. >> on election night, governor jerry brun celebrated the passage of proposition 30. 54% of voters decided to raise income taxes on the state's top earners and agreed to a hike in sales tax. think the we think tx package that was passed that really targets what we call high performers or producers from an economic perspective, is going to start to dislodge the serial ceo management talent in places like silicon valley. >> in a bid turn that into an opportunity, the greater phoenix economic council launched a new program aimed at luring california companies away. >> we think this is going to happen. we know virginia, north carolina, texas, south carolina, are going to be in the market. talking to california businesses. we want to present an opportunity for phoenix. >> under the cal program. the phoenix group hopes to fly in 50 ce
season because of the improveing economy. aaa will also tell us what to expect in the way of gas prices, air fares and hotel costs. gas prices are looking better. >> much better. $3.75 where i get mine, 75 cents less than it was at its peak. >> my parents are driving from atlanta that cost them a lot, i'm glad to see it go down. more for the grandchildren. >> good, i was trying to save you. >> i appreciate it. 5:18. good morning, beautiful picture from vollmer peak, emeryville, berkeley, port of oakland to san francisco. still looks clean this morning. live doppler 7 hd spinning up on mount st. helena waiting for that next storm going to have to wait a couple more days stretch of dry weather today and tomorrow before showers start too come in thursday. a few more 30s now fairfield third four, concord and santa rosa -- 30 fine, 40 los gatos everybody else in the 40s san francisco 51°. 37 in monterey, cool spot around the bay and inland 40s santa cruz, watsonville, near 50 salinas, 38 gilroy. in the afternoon another day of needing the sunglasses, high clouds and sun more than yesterday
because of the improving economy. >>> mothertrend named car of the year, tesla is taking home the prize. tesla model s sedan is the first car without a combustible engine to be named mothertrend car of the year the magazine raved about the -- motortrend car of the year. it gets equivalent of 118 miles per hour, motorfriend said it is one of the quickest -- smartphone customers are about to have a new option it isn't from apple or google, new release from blackberry. >>> holiday shopping season is almost here. michael finney looks at=x >>> high temperatures today mid to upper 60s for most of us low to mid 60s coast high clouds and sun, wet weather afternoon cooler weather on the way coming up in less than three minutes. >>> parent company of blackberry says new smartphones and captaining system will come out early next year they will day by january 30th, after a number of delays. you are looking at a prototype they are counting on the new phones to turn around the company's fortunes it has struggled and last significant market share to apple and google. >>> if you are looking to delight
spring he will lead the world's number two economy and vocal calls for economic and political reform. >>> nasa and russia say they are still in control of the space station, even though construction workers severed a communications cable serving mission control near moscow. communication has been rerouted since they cannot send commands to parts of the lab. nasa sent this picture of the you aboard the space station. american astronaut ford among them. the cable damage could delay the return of the three astronauts. >>> next, the dale that clears the way for construction of a new controversial safeway store in oakland. >>> north bay university receives largest gift in its 122 year history. how the money will transform a mansion on campus into a state-of-the-art classroom. >>> welcome back. beautiful picture of san francisco to oakland from our sutro cam. increasing clouds today, chance of rain coming in tonight through the weekend. be prepared, today is the last dry day for a while. >>> 5:25. in oakland compromise has been reached between safeway and local residents on the expansion o
january 1st, the economy could be thrown back into recession. and households making $70,000 a year could see their taxes increase over $4,000. the president said he is open to new ideas. and if republicans have a way to raise taxes on the wealthy without raising rates, he wouldn't slam the door on them. george? >> the dancing begins. jon, thanks very much. >>> let's get to josh and the mounting violence in the middle east. >> as we all slept, we're going to begin there. serious escalation overnight. israel and the palestinians moving closer to all-out war. dozens of rockets, as you see here, bombarding southern israel this morning, after israeli aircraft, tanks, and navy gun boats pounded the gaza strip. at least three israelis were killed in the violence. wednesday, israel killed the military commander of the palestinian militant group, hamas. he was in the car you see there exploding. in response, hamas warned that israel has, and i quote, opened the gates of hell, end quote. >>> meanwhile, new trouble in the middle east is already affecting the stock market. let's get right to week en
in the president's direction, weeks, month, in november, his job approval rating was up. direction of the economy poll numbers were up, overall direction of the country was up, it's a bigger story than to say blacks, latinos single women looking for contraception got together to get the president in. part of it. a big parting of it. not the only part of it. for a party that need to bring people back in, there is a pretty divisive things. >> yeah, somewhat surprising. but they ran on that. we need to really limit the entitlement programs. i think that is going to be a challenge to rein those in to bring down the national debt as well. he is obviously looking at it as a numbers game. and he is a numbers guy. >> yeah, it's just after the 47% tape, i thought maybe the country learned some lessons about that. but i don't know, it's tough still. the aftermath is always divisive, i guess. >> you also have donors that just basically gave $900 million to a campaign they thought they were going to win. probably asking, what the heck happened? >> they can't be happy. for sure. >>> when we come back, time fo
. >>> meantime, a new concern for the financial markets, japan's economy, the world's third largest, shrank some 3.5% last quarter. a sign that japan may now already be in recession. >>> and finally, a major embarrassment for britain's iconic beefeaters. those guards that stand guard in london. the somehow, the thief managed to scale the walls here and steal the keys to the tower, including a key that unlocks the drawbridges. guards reportedly saw the burglar but couldn't leave their positions to chase him. they radioed a night watchman but got no response. we're told the queen's jewels, inside the tower, were never at risk. that is a look at the headlines this morning. for more, let's send it over to amy robach. >> thanks, josh. >>> autism is estimated to affect 1 out of every 88 children born in the u.s. and now a new study says that having the fever or a flu for a week during pregnancy could at least double the chances of a child being born with autism. abc's dr. richard besser is here with us to break down the new research. dr. besser, this is a frightening headline for so many parents or wo
news for the french economy and bubbly lovers everywhere. heartbreaking news with new year's a few weeks away. people like a little bubbly on the 31st. do you like champagne? >> oui, oui-oui. >> oui-oui? [ speaking french ] i like some champagne. >> impressed. paula, very nice. au revoir. >> that's the extent of it. [ speaking french ] >> means shut your mouth, please. >> i'll be quiet. >> i should tell that to myself. >>> and then it's that time of year, fall fix-up and clean-up. we're going to have some of the best gadgets to help you get the job done. >> what job would that be? >> cleaning up. >> we begin with the major development in the unfolding scandal surrounding david petraeus. general john allen who's the top military commander of nato forces in afghanistan, well, he's now being investigated by the pentagon for sending inappropriate e-mails to the whistleblower in this case, jill kelly, the woman in tampa. >> she's the woman featured right there in the black dress. we're told investigators are poring over up to 30,000 documents related to the case. she, jill kelly, the fl
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